Download the Free Anatella-Versions

The Free Anatella versions offer the same great set of fonctionnalities as the complete version with the exception of some advanced features that are only available inside the paid version.

What's the difference between the "free" and the "commercial" versions of Anatella?

The "free" version of Anatella:

  • does not include any form of support or any garantee of results (but you can obtain full support for a modest fee).
  • does not include advanced features such as: creation of MSOffice reports, MS-Excel (.xlsx file) reader & writer, XML reader & writer, JSON parser, Social Network Analysis, Text Mining, Field Encryption, etc.

What's the difference between "Anatella Installer" and "Anatella portable"?

These 2 versions of Anatella are identical.
The "Anatella Installer" software performs some additionnal work during install:

  • it associates .anatella files with the Anatella software
  • it optionnaly creates a new entry in your "start menu"
  • it makes sure that you have write access inside the "plugin" directory of anatella (otherwise you cannot add new user-defined Anatella plugins)

Additional optional downloads

To extend Anatella with new functionnalities, you can program new "boxes" in many languages. Anatella supports the following languages:

  • R: To use the R language inside Anatella, you need to install an additionnal component: The "R engine". R is quite slow and cumbersome to use but possesses a large library of functions. Also, the charts in R are beautiful.
  • Python: To use the Python language inside Anatella, you need to install an additionnal component: the "Python engine": 64-bit Python Engine or 32-bit Python Engine. Many people chose chose to use Python because of its easy syntax: i.e. You can create very quickly&easily new "boxes" using Python. The drawbacks of Python are the same as the drawbacks of R: quite slow and limited to small datasets (because of the "in-RAM" memory limitation).
  • Javascript: Javascript is the most common scripting language. It's also very fast. Inside Anatella, Javascript allows you to create new "boxes" that runs in "streaming mode": Because of the "streaming mode", you can process unlimited datasets sizes when coding in Javascript. No additional component is required to code in Javascript. Anatella extends the R & Python engines so that they also support a "streaming mode" (to process unlimited dataset sizes), although it's not as fast and flexible as the Javascript streaming mode.
  • C/C++: You can use the Anatella C/C++ SDK for the ultimate performances and flexibility. Ask a sales representative to get the SDK.
Anatella uses the standard ODBC&OleDB technique to access databases.
For your conveniance, here are some free ODBC&OleDB drivers that are known to work with Anatella: