Anatella offers you the following capabilities :

  • 100% fully functional demo-version of Anatella available for free! The only difference between the demo-version and the "full" version is that the "full" version includes some additionnal advanced features.

  • No ads! No garbage! No bloatware!
    Anatella is totally non-intrusive on your system: we respect you OS and we won’t install any bloatware!
    All Anatella versions are tested against all know viruses before any release.
    We even provide a portable version of Anatella (less than 40MB to download) that you can run on any PC from a USB stick without any user privileges (just to be sure that no bloatware is installed).
    There is no reason not to try Anatella!

  • Intuitive interface: You are up and running in a few minutes!
    Just look at the introduction video and you are good to go in a few minutes!

  • Possibility to manipulate very large databases: Anatella handles easily "BIG DATA" problems!
                  (no limitation in the number of columns (unique) and in the number of rows).

    The possibility to handle an unlimited number of columns without specifying the meta-data of these columns is extremely valuable when you do predictive data mining. It’s very common to analyze (with TIMi) datasets (i.e. customer databases) that have more than 2000 columns to create highly efficient cross-selling, up-selling or churn prevention marketing campaigns. No other ETL tool can do that (or at least, it’s very, very hard and work intensive to do it). This is unique.

  • Anatella is 100% Unicode compliant. You can work on any character set (Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese,…) without losing any information, ever.

  • Easy & Fast Installation. No need to download hundreds of MB! Anatella installs in a few minutes. Anatella has a small, automated & easy wizard-based installation system. The portable version of Anatella is less than 40MB to download and has all the documentation and all the examples!. The portable version of Anatella works on any PC from a USB key without installing anything locally and without requiring any special system privileges. There is no excuse to not use Anatella everywhere!

  • Classical ETL features : advanced data manipulation tool: 
    • Join tables
    • Columns & Rows filtering out of tables,
    • Sorting,
    • Format conversions (CSV, SQL ,..),
    • Automated Scoring (using the TIM predictive models)
    • Automated Segmentation (using the StarDust segmentation models)
    • Derivation of new columns for predictive modeling:
    • Automatic generation of hundreds of thousands of new, “derivate” columns ;
      A full scripting language based on JavaScript (standard ECMA-262) that allows you to express the most complex transformations, validations, aggregations, derivations. The small Anatella-specific extensions to the “standard” JavaScript language are really easy to use. Furthermore, thanks to these extensions, the JavaScript code becomes similar (but more versatile) to a "SAS datastep”, so that you can even leverage your SAS skills.
    • Complete Meta-Data extraction & management.
      You don’t need to care about meta-data inside Anatella because 99% of the Anatella data transformations are meta-data-free. …but if you want to, Anatella still offers you all the required functionalities to do so.

  • The Anatella integrated-development-environment (IDE) that is used to create the new data-manipulation-scripts is extremely simple, intuitive & versatile. This environment is based on a unique hybrid technology:
    • The simple transformations are described using "little boxes" (that is the most intuitive way to represent a data transformation and it is a "de facto"  standard for all the modern ETL tools).
    • Complex transformations are programmed using a scripting language based on JavaScript (standard ECMA-262) which is simple, complete and extremely versatile. JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming language currently used in the industry (see appendix A of the Anatella Quick user‘s Guide). You can leverage your already-existing-JavaScript-skills to become an ETL expert instantaneously!

  • Anatella is Easily Extensible:
    • Integrated "Revision control utility" to manage the different versions of your scripts,
    • Collaborative Sharing of new Javascript-based data-transformations,
    • Powerful "debugger" with an interface similar to the famous MS Visual Studio debugger (unique).

  • Anatella is the only ETL tool available on the market to offer you a direct access to a complete & powerful “debugger” with an interface similar to the famous MS Visual Studio debugger (to "debug" the scripts written in JavaScript/ECMA-262): you can add "break points" to your code, add some "watch" on variables, see the "stack",…  It’s great!

  • Inside Anatella, most of the data transformation operators are "meta-data free". It means that it is not necessary to define “meta-data” to use 99% of the various transformations available in Anatella. This feature is very important because, in datamining, it is very common to manipulate tables of tens of thousands of columns and it is impossible to specify "by hand" the "meta-datas" of all these columns (... and that exactly what’s all the other ETL tools force you to do). 

  • Anatella can read natively compressed dataset files in text format (CSV). The supported compression formats are RAR (unique!), ZIP, GZ, LZO.

  • Anatella reads natively SAS datasets file (.sas7bdat file) without requiring any SAS installation (you just have to install the free SAS OleDB provider).

  • Anatella can directly connect to a vast variety of "classical" relationnal databases through its standard OleDB or ODBC connector.
    All the databases that are supporting the ODBC or the OleDB technique are accessible to Anatella.

    A complete list is available here

  • Anatella provides some primitive OLAP reporting functionalities through the usage of a “Microsoft Office Data Injection operator”: This operator allows you to automatically inject “in batch” some data extracted from the Anatella-Graph into any chart or graphics contained in any Microsoft Office document. For example, you can obtain, in a few mouse clicks, each day, an automatic update of all the charts of your preferred PowerPoint presentation. Anatella generates ALL types of MSOffice graphs: pie chart, 3D surface chart, bar chart, doughnut chart, bubble chart, etc…

  • Anatella supports many scheduling techniques. You can easily execute your Anatella data transformation scripts at regular intervals. The default scheduling system is based on the Microsoft Task Scheduler: “taskschd.msc” already available and running on all Windows Workstation. You can also use any other job scheduler like Visual TOM, Z-Cron (that costs 37$), CA Autosys, etc. We do not provide any scheduler with Anatella because these types of software are usually very intrusive on your system (they install services that are always running in the background) and we don’t want to be invasive.

  • In the same spirit of non-invasion or non-intrusion on your OS, we provide a portable version of Anatella (less than 40MB to download) that is totally non-intrusive on your PC. You can run it from a USB stick without any user privileges. We respect your OS and don’t want to put any garbage on it!

  • Easy & Fast Installation. Anatella has a small, automated & easy wizard-based installation system that installs Anatella in a few minutes on any PC.

  • Anatella is originally built for predictive analysis : It contains special transformations for predictive analysis:
    • Text mining,
    • Automatic text-spelling correction of your data (unique),
    • Data transformation for the automatic aggregation of events (unique),
    • Automated scoring using predictive models built with TIMi,
    • Automated database segmentation using segmentation models built with Stardust,
    • Special data-transformations for "Time Series" analysis,
    • etc.

  • Anatella provides advanced text-mining capabilities. Using the Anatella text-mining operators, you can:
    • Automatically correct spelling mistakes (in your “address” fields, for example)
    • Classify texts (in combination with TIMi)

One major advantage of Anatella over any other ETL is that Anatella is easily extensible: You can easily add new, customized data-transformation-operators. These new operators can be developed in:

  • JavaScript

    Many small JavaScript operators already exist inside Anatella:
    • Time series Prediction: a set of operators useful for Time series prediction are available.
    • E-mail validator
    • Sum on Row, on Columns,
    • Etc.
    Most data-transformation-operators can be expressed using JavaScript. Anatella contains an automatic versioning tool that allows you to manage the different “JavaScripts” that you have developed/downloaded. Anatella also offers you a direct access to a “debugger” to easily debug all your transformations.
  • C++, for the most extreme speed & performances.

    Thanks to a plugin mechanism based on .dll files, adding a plugin inside Anatella is as simple as copying the one required .dll file inside the “anatella.exe” directory. It’s as easy as that! No costly and complex installation procedure!
Maybe the most striking feature of Anatella is that Anatella is meta-data-free. I cannot count how many hours I lost with other ETL tools because the data-type of one of my (many) columns in my tables was not 100% accurate.