Anatella Free Functionnalities

The size of enterprise class databases are growing exponentially today. The need for a simple, yet fast data management tool becomes increasingly important.

Furthermore, there is a growing gap between the functionalities offered by classical ETL data vendors and the functionalities required by the real users. Following a survey organized by the website ETL-TOOL.COM, the functionalities that are really needed are:

percentage Users

As you can see, the vast majority of ETL users are not convinced about the speed and performance of the current ETL tool:

You want more!

What's also very surprising is the lack of interest from the standard ETL users about the “high connectivity” of their ETL tool? …And that's exactly where most of the efforts of other ETL vendors are focused! Indeed it's a lot easier to add a new "box" (i.e. to add a new connectivity) inside the ETL than to re-think the whole architecture of the ETL application to improve performance!

The final solution to all your data management needs finally arrived: The Anatella ETL. Anatella is the only ETL tool that provides you with the exact answer to your real needs, as they were observed during the above ETL-TOOL.COM survey.

Anatella is:


Running an already existing data transformations is ultra-fast… …But, most of the time, you need high speed at a very specific time: When you are developing and creating new data transformation scripts. Indeed, an old script will typically run in batch during the night and you don't really care about its speed (except for scalability reasons: this is not good if your script runs for several days).

This is why we developed inside Anatella some unique set of functionalities that allow you to dramatically reduce the time required to develop new data transformations. Developing new scripts with Anatella is usually a lot shorter (from ½ to 1/10 of the time) than to develop the equivalent transformations using any competitor tool. This shorter development time than any other tool is assured through this set of unique technological features from Anatella:

  • Most of the data transformation operators in Anatella are "meta-data free". This functionality is unique.
  • A unique advanced automated Hard-Drive data-cache system that is using a unique ultra-fast proprietary data-compression technique.
  • Real-time instantaneous preview of data output while the data transformation is still running. This functionality is unique.
  • “Full Real-time preview” of the data output (even if the data output is a table with one million rows). This functionality is unique.

Shorter development time is important because:

  • It makes you “agile”. Agile is a new concept in the BI world. It means that your company is able to react quickly to the ever changing market conditions.
  • It dramatically reduces ETL development costs.
  • It prevents you to become completely nuts because your new data-transformation script ran during 8 hours without giving any exploitable results and you have to start all over again! How frustrating!


The Anatella integrated-development-environment (IDE) is based on a unique hybrid technology.

Using, creating and debugging new data-manipulation-scripts is extremely simple & intuitive. When you develop new data transformations with the Anatella IDE, you can use either one of these 2 technologies:

  • The simple transformations are described using "little boxes". That is the most intuitive way to represent a data transformation and it is a "de facto" standard for all the modern ETL tools.
  • Complex transformations are written using a scripting language based on JavaScript (standard ECMA-262) which is simple, complete and extremely versatile. JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming language currently used in the industry (see appendix A of the Anatella Quick user's Guide for more information about this subject). You can leverage your already-existing-JavaScript-skills to become an ETL expert instantaneously!
  • Easily extensible & Extremely versatile:

    • You can easily use JavaScript to add new data-transformations or “little boxes”. Other ETL tools also usually offer you some limited scripting capabilities. The capabilities offered by the Anatella-JavaScript scripting engine are nearly unlimited. For example, nearly half of the little “boxes” that are already currently available in Anatella are actually based on Javascript. Inside Anatella, JavaScript is flexible enough to allow you to develop easily nearly any possible data transformation. When your new Javascript-based data transformation is ready you can "publish" it and it automatically becomes available as a standard “box” that any Anatella-user can use (even the most un-experienced one). This flexibility is unique.

    • You can share and benefit from the growing Anatella community that develops new Javascript data transformation (new “boxes”).
      All Anatella Javascript data transformations are open source.
    • If you can’t find the little “box” (i.e. the data transformation or the data-quality test) that you need from the community (…and this event is highly unlikely), you can ask us to provide you with the required “box”. Depending on the complexity and on the desired performance, we will provide with either a new Javascript-based “box” or a C++-based high-performance “box” (under the form of a .dll).
  • Low Licensing cost(No data tax)

    With Anatella, there are No Licensing fees based on the volume of processed data. Anatella does not have any “Data Tax”. The basic Anatella version is totally free and covers 99% of the typical usages of common users. You only pay for additional tailored made special-purpose-functionalities and for maintenance and support.

    This particular type of licensing model is especially important for growing business. Indeed the data volume that you need to process currently might allow you to opt for a solution with a “Data Tax” (fees based on the volume), but if your business continue to grow, you will arrive at a point where the “Data Tax” becomes so prohibitive that, instead of processing your data every week (as initially required), you will process it every month or trimester. You will lose money and maybe more importantly, you lose agility!

  • Non-intrusive, Easy & Fast Installation

    Anatella has a small, automated & easy wizard-based installation system that installs Anatella in a few minutes on any PC. There is even a portable version of Anatella. The portable version of Anatella is very handy when you are working as an external consultant at your client site and you want to quickly run a small data transformation script (for example: to check something). Typically, with other tools, in such situation, you are stuck. With the portable version of Anatella on a USB stick (less than 23MB download), you can run your Anatella data-transformation Scripts on any PC, even with very restricted system privileges. There is no excuse to not use Anatella everywhere! Anatella is not intrusive on your system.

    In addition to its unique capabilities, Anatella also offers you all the “classical” functionalities that any other ETL offers:

    • Data integration, more precisely:
      • Data Migration
      • Data Consolidation
      • Data Federation(ETL for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing)
      • Data Synchronization
      • Master Data Management
    • Data quality (in CRM, in data warehouse, etc.) & Data cleaning